Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Week

Hello Everyone,
wo shi chuanjaioshi (I am a missionary)

Someone told me that the first few days of the MTC are like trying to drink out of a firehose--overload, and that's exactly what it is. Language, teaching, schedules, plans, etc. I kept worring I was forgeting something or in the wrong place. We didn't have any classes on Sunday. It was nice to finally take a breath and soak everything in.

The spirit is so strong here! Many times daily I feel that burning in my heart that I previously would feel about once a week at a fireside or at church. That burning mostly comes when we talk about people who are serching for the truth. I know there are people out there who are willing to change their lives when they hear the truth; they just know not where to find it. I hope I can take every opportunity to share the gospel.

My mom said she wanted specifics so here is my try: We have a blue card that is our lives--really. We use it to eat, get into our dorm, log onto the computer, buy stuff, wash our laundry, etc.

My companion is Elder Summerhays from Sacramento. He's awesome! We have the same strong desire to share the gospel, and HE LOVES TO SING TOO! He is a music major though he's only gone to college for a bit. We are the only two Elders in room 211. It's nice and not nice. No one else to talk to, but twice the closet/desk space.

Our Zone leaders are awesome. Oh and my companion is District leader.

Wow...30 min sure goes by quick! Um I love you. Next week i'll tell more. Thank you for the letters. is a great way to send letters.

bye. loves
elder harris
Huang2 is my xing. (xing means name)

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