Sunday, August 29, 2010

The meaning of "GO!" & "16 Stones" (posted by mom)

I got a surprising phone call this week, President Bishop called to let me know that I would be a trainer this move call. It's pretty crazy. I feel like I was just trained yesterday. There is quite a few missionaries coming in recently and so leadership opportunities are coming up really fast.

I don't feel like I have been trained fully in all the aspects of missionary work, but I have been trained completely in one aspect: "GO!"

I remember asking my mom when I was really young what the shortest sentence was, and she said, "GO!" This word is synonymous for missionary work - - probably one of the best words that describes what it is we do. I hope my new companion will understand "GO!" before these 6 weeks are up.

At Stake Conference President Huang talked about the brother of Jared. He made 16 stones right at the beginning and then took them up the mountain. He didn't do one and see if it worked, then make the other 15. He had the faith to make all 16, and carry them in is hands to the top of the mountain. "He prepared them to be touched by the finger of the Lord."--Huang Huizhang

This is my move call motto: "16 Stones". I don't know about 16 people being baptized, but Elder Gillespie and I are going to put forth the effort to prepare the stones in advance so that they can be touched and enlightened/illuminated by the finger of the Lord. I hope that as we put forth the faith this move call we, as the brother of Jared, will unveil the power of the Lord and behold his glory.

I love this work, and I am so grateful for the time I get to serve in douliu and I'm really grateful for a worthy, obedient, diligent companion. Miracles are waiting to happen this move call.

Thank you for all you do. Love, Elder Harris

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baptize Brother Lin! (posted by mom)

President Bishop called me up and gave us the assignment to baptize brother Lin. Brother Lin is not a member but is married to a member in our ward. He got to talk to Elder Perkins (Area 70 presidency member for Asia) and he was touched. When Elder Perkins talked about his dad's conversion story (converting at an old age) his heart was touched and he felt the spirit. I know that Brother Lin, is being prepared. Elder Siebert and I prayed for a chance to share the gospel with him and a special experience happened. We tracted into their home and were able to have a good conversation with him. (We usually never go tracting. The first time we went, we knocked doors until it was time to go home -- unknowingly we stopped the house right before the Lin family. We felt that we needed to go back tracting that area and finally we got time do it. The first house we knocked was their home.)

I so love this work, it is truly divine and inspired. It is the work of God. I still have over a year left of my mission, but I feel that the time is far spent.

Love you all, Elder Harris

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beautiful Place & Making Pancakes (Posted by mom)

Yesterday, we went to the prettiest place on earth. It is called Lin2Nei4. (Forrest within) It was a forrest in a slight basin with mountians on one side. Every where we looked there was a tree-line. The sun was setting and there was a glow across the whole sky. Wow. Heavenly father sure knows how to paint a picture. We went there to find a former investigator and a Member we wanted to visit but we didn't get to visit either - however, we did, teach the first lesson to a young person in the rain. I was pretty cool. God truly does work in mysterious ways. We found a lot of other people on the way too.

I have to let you know that my life *warning this isn't very spiritual* is forever changed. Elder Siebert showed me how to make pancakes in the microwave! I've been trying a bunch of new fun ways to make pancakes. It's been a lot of fun.
Me and Elder Siebert on our morning run

Love you all, Elder Harris

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baptism and My Companion (posted by mom)

The city of Douliu is really great! The work really is progressing and the Lord is us.

We had a baptism this last Saturday. It was really neat. Our district leader, invited us to to make the event special. So we decorated a little table and put a little card that everyone could write a welcome note on. We also wrote a welcome note on whiteboard. We plan to give him a triple combination and a little card. These were little things but I think they helped to make his baptism special.

Our companionship is going great. Elder Siebert and I are very similar; we don't have overpowering personalities, we are both pretty open with anything, and we are both slow to be offended. This is really good for companionship unity, but it makes the decision process a little slow. Our relationship is strong, and we enjoy serving and teaching together.