Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baptism and My Companion (posted by mom)

The city of Douliu is really great! The work really is progressing and the Lord is us.

We had a baptism this last Saturday. It was really neat. Our district leader, invited us to to make the event special. So we decorated a little table and put a little card that everyone could write a welcome note on. We also wrote a welcome note on whiteboard. We plan to give him a triple combination and a little card. These were little things but I think they helped to make his baptism special.

Our companionship is going great. Elder Siebert and I are very similar; we don't have overpowering personalities, we are both pretty open with anything, and we are both slow to be offended. This is really good for companionship unity, but it makes the decision process a little slow. Our relationship is strong, and we enjoy serving and teaching together.