Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trainings, DVD's and a few Q&A's (posted by mom)

Each week is an adventure! Things come up, meetings happen, we go on exchanges etc.

This past week we had leadership training meeting. It is a meeting that is used to train Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Trainers. The way our mission is set up is so that districts are really small. That's just how it is, I'm not sure of the reason--possibly to let many missionaries have leadership opportunities / easier to spread information. Anyway, Half the mission ended up attending. We were trained on 4of the 8 Fundamentals from Preach My Gospel lessons. Elder Cocke and I shared how to prepare a good district training meeting and President Bishop taught us the principles of the baptismal interview.

During Elder Cocke's and my presentation and practice model, there were a lot of ah-ha moments for some of the district leaders. So I feel like it was a success and helped out the missionaries in attendance.

You might find this interesting, I did: The missionary department has issued every companionship in the world a DVD player. They have authorized the DVD player for the use of watching 2 Preach My Gospel video series. These videos show missionaries using particular missionary (teaching) skills in actual situations. There are good examples and bad examples. Overall, the missionaries do a really good job teaching these investigators and many of them get baptized. It is fun to watch and insightful. The reasoning is that the church has had certain groups of missionaries watch these videos on a regular basis and their teaching noticeably improved.

It is a big change, and it shows the trust that the church has in missionaries. Elder Cocke and I now have boxes of DVD players in our office waiting for a new home.

Elder Cocke and I are over an English branch of the church here in Taizhong. A few weeks ago, a member gave me some referrals. Anyway one of them was GOLDEN! He is way willing and wants to learn more. He lives in Taibei though. I am excited for the missionaries that get to meet with him.

I love you tons. I love this work and the many missionaries I know get to know and work with. We have a great Sr couple that works with us here in the office--Brother and Sister Liston. they're wonderful!

Elder Spencer Harris

Questions & Answers:

Are you enjoying being AP?

What is your favorite part?
Working with missionaries all over the mission.
Helping them learn and see the success from all their hard work.

Do you still get to bike places or do you just use the car now?
It is a little bit of both.
If there are no meetings, we drive around going on exchanges.
Some of my favorite times are going around with missionaries having fun and seeing miracles!