Monday, August 15, 2011

Meeting my recent converts at the temple (posted by mom)

My companion had a recent convert going to the temple for her personal endowment, so we got to go to the temple in Taipei to be there with her. What a neat and special experience. While we were there I got to see some of my beloved Gangshan friends in the temple. After the session, I ran into 4 of my recent converts!! What a fulfilling experience that was. They are full active members--really apart of the church/ward family and they are going to the temple to worship God. These are some of the pictures I took with them.

The other highlight of the week was helping with the combined district training meetings (CDTM). We go from zone to zone to help in training and working with the missionaries. The zone leaders prepare a training, and the mission president teaches. Afterward, the president does interviews and the assistants and zone leaders do planner and area book checks. It is a really fun experience. It is a lot of opportunity each day to get to know missionaries and feel of their love for the work. It is a chance to share effective missionary methods and help to resolve problems and challenges they are facing.

Our President has been teaching us about mighty prayer. It is really special because each time he teaches it, he does it differently. I feel he really tires to think of each zone and it's members and then teach to their needs and as the spirit directs him. My companion and I are the lucky ones because we get to see it every time and hear all of president's insights. One thing I like that he shares frequently is from Jacob 4:10. Don't seek to council the Lord, but take council from his hand.

Have a wonderful week. Elder Spencer Harris

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