Friday, August 7, 2009

The Temple

Yesterday I went to the temple to receive my own endowment.

In the hours leading up to my temple trip, I became nervous, but when we entered the temple, I felt a certain assurance. My guide, Brother Brown, took me here and there with little instruction and no explanation. Eventually he took me over to the initiatory ordinance rooms where two other brethren who officiated in the ordinance took me back and began. As soon as the Washing and Anointing started, I felt the Spirit so strongly that any feelings of anxiety or nervousness were expelled. I knew in that moment that the temple and all the ordinances therein were sacred and that I was participating in events vital to my salvation.

As counseled by my Stake President, I listened very closely to the instructions and blessings that were being pronounced. The Spirit continued throughout the ordinance, and I was filled with wonder at the many marvelous blessings God grants unto all His children who receive the sacred ordinances and covenants of the temple and remain obedient. As I left the ordinance room, I was filled with gratitude.

After the initiatory, a member of the temple presidency gave me additional instruction and talked about the endowment secession a little bit. The endowment secession is very cool, but there is a lot of information. Most of the insights I’ve received about the endowment have come afterward. I cannot wait to go back and soak up all that I missed. And then go back again.

The most noticeable effects of the temple for me, both immediate and lasting, are clarity of thought and a more-defined purpose.

I understand now part of the reason why there is so much emphasis placed on temple-worthiness and temple-attendance.

The church is true: Temples are awesome!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your first experience in the temple. What a great moment. I sounds to me like you are mature for your age. You have a good grip on life and are beginning to understand it better. We pray for you!
Love, Brother Moore