Monday, January 11, 2010

Ninth Week: MTC Experiences

I'm not sure if you remember, but one time we taught a lesson to another Elder who was playing his friend. His friend's father wasn't a member and was having issues with the legitimacy of his citizenship. My companion and I had somehow felt that the lesson we had and our prayers for him actually helped. Anyway, this man got baptized and now the whole family are members. A cool little closure to this story.

My companion and I had a late night talk with an elder who was having a hard time. We gave him a blessing.

My teacher invited me to teach tithing to the whole class...In Chinese!!! It went alright, it was a good experience for me.

We also had a good experience in district meeting. We shared stories and scriptures about the Book of Mormon and its effect in our lives. The spirit WAS there!

I read a talk from Elder Uchtdorf, near the end he talks about having a Celestial Pedegree... He also talks about having an effect on those around us and the nation in which we reside. It gave me hope for my future experience in Taiwan.

Random Information:

Our district has 8 missionaries (2 of which are sisters)
There are 2 districts going to the Taiwan TaiChung mission
I am in the choir.
I lost about 5 pounds when I first got here - we were doing rigerous exercises
Now we are playing volley ball
My favorite thing is when your testimony is confirmed through a sacred special experience - or - when you feel that God accepts the work that you have done so far and He consecrates it for your good.

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