Sunday, March 14, 2010

Transfer to Taizhong!

Wow! I am being transferred. I was not expecting this move call. I am going to Taizhong! My companion will be Elder Hofhiens. There will be 5 elders from the MTC in that zone. Exciting!

Zheng Xing was confirmed this Sunday as well as Zong Yi. After his baptism Zong Yi bore his testimony about how prayers are answered and how Joseph Smith is a prophet and received answers to his prayers. I am going to miss all the new converts so much! Some of them are young and don't have family suport. I worry about them becoming blinded by the lies of the world.

I know that we have a Savior. I know God loves us. Our lives take on so much meaning when we yield our thoughts, words, and actions to God and to His service. We would sorrow because of the wickedness of the world, but our joy in Him would be so great! We could stand tall, have confidence in this world; and walk confidently, and humbly in the presence of God. He could guide our foot steps, make use of us, give us ever greater opportunities to serve and bless others. I truly believe it is as in the days of Moses--If we would just look, if we had our eye single to the glory of God, the way would be easy. How do we do that? Conscientious effort? yes. But I think it starts with the little things --reading the scriptures, praying, going to church. When we study the scriptures, do we really study? When we pray, do we really pray? When we go to church, do we mentally and spiritually attend?

Thank you for your prayers. I love you all! Please keep praying for me. At times I believe I really feel the power of your prayers helping me.

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