Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stars and Dots (posted by mom)

Thanks for the prayers, the prayers, the prayers, the love and support, and the prayers.

I think I've been letting myself get stressed out a little too much lately. This past week, I tried to not let the dots and stars stick to me. I tried to talk to everyone I met and just tried to be a little more cheerful. I tried to hold up a clear banner and some people answered the call.

The times when I was refused, I let those dots slide off. The times I felt I had done something special, I let those stars slide too. It was a prayer process. I tried to do as king Benjamin invites in Mosiah 4:11-12 and tried to remember my nothingness before God and retain a remission of my sins. This kind of existence was more joyous and happy.

It's odd how we get in these patterns of thinking that what we do makes a difference. Clearly God requires our all, but that is not the main requirement for success. A broken heart and a contrite spirit, humility and meekness, charity and faith give our words and actions meaning and power. When we realize this, things just happen on their own; and more often than not, the blessings come with little or no correlation to our focused efforts.

Elder Gillespie and I are having fun getting to know some less-actives. Not many people have the privilege that we have of being born in the covenant and having the blessings of eternity before us at the moment we take our first breath.

I love you lots. I pray for you too.

Elder Spencer Harris

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