Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eternal Families (posted by mom)

I'm so greatful for our eternal family. What a HUGE blessing it is. Not a week goes by that members don't express their gratitued or desire for an Eternal Family (yonghengjiating) or Momomon Family (momenjiating).

We met with three part-member families this week and they all came to church. We are going to meet with another husband of a part-member family on Tuesday. I'm excited that God has given Elder Gillespie and I an opportunity to work with part member families. Our plan of action: HELP THEM FEEL LOVED. We are going to create opportunities to stop by, have members meet and friendship them, and help them keep commitments and grow in their testimony, faith, and desire. We are going to continue to be bold.

Here are a few scriptures that really help me as a missionary: Alma 36:24-25 helps me find joy in the work. Alma 16:14 helps me have the courage to talk to everyone to find that person who is willing to listen. 3 nephi 5:13 helps me remember what the ultimate goal of missionary work is--Eternal Life.
I love you all, Elder Harris

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