Sunday, March 13, 2011

God's Loving Kindness (posted by mom)

This past week we had a fun district training meeting where we each had a chance to share an instance when the Spirit directed our work. It was neat, we practiced testifying afterward. I think as a missionary, we get in the mode where we assume we are testifying, but in the end we just talk. We practiced saying phrases like, "I know this because..." and "By the power of the Holy Ghost I know..." Then as we testified, we tried to really process what we were saying and give meaning behind the words. I enjoyed it. I know the spirit is key to this work.

District Training Meeting, brought out the fact that when we consistently strive to do the things God would want us to do, we are directed and our efforts are magnified. In all the stories shared, we were just doing what we felt we should do, and only after the miracle happened did we realize we had been directed. I know this is true--Do what you should do, and be where you should be and then the miracles will happen.

We had a Zone activity today. It was a lot of fun. We went to lotus lake...I've been there before. It is a place with a big dragon and tiger and two tall pagodas on a lake. Afterward we went to a Stake Center. It was fun to be around other missionaries and rub shoulders with the greats. Everyone is great!

I'm learning a lot about what God means when he says "loving kindness and long-suffering toward the children of men". We currently have some people we are working with who have some special needs. They require endless kindness and a lot of patience. But they are children of God too.

Keep being awesome!
Elder Spencer Harris

ps: In answer to your questions, we didn't feel the earthquake and Taiwan seemed pretty unaffected.