Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Gospel Changes Lives (posted by mom)

It was a great week. It is so exciting to see the change that comes into people's lives when they accept the gospel.

Our new member Brother Zhuang came up to me after church and said when can I meet with you this week. Those words were written in heaven!! It is wonderful to see the excitement he has to be taught the gospel.

Another new member brother Chen, has to work sometimes on Sundays, but he has been able to attend church for five consecutive weeks: 1) confirmation, 2) regular meetings, 3) stake conference, 4) regular meetings, and 5) priesthood ordination. His Book of Mormon is marked up and has many tabs marking his favorite parts!

Also Gao Jiemei is helping her husband come into the fold. Her husband is older and is worried about the process of baptism (bending back to be immersed.) So the current plan is go go to a swimming pool where it will be a lot easier to be immersed in the water. I'm really excited for him and for their family.

This ward is so good. There is no pride in this ward as far as I have been able to tell. Everyone stands fast in the work wherewith they have been appointed. The Ward Mission leader has a lot of ban fa (anything is possible attitude) --he always helps us think of the possibilities!

That is about it for me this week. It was a full week. One training and two exchanges. Our Zone is really unified right now. The Zone leaders have given us some fun invitations and helped us strech ourselves. We have a goal for 30 baptisms this month! They asked us to teach 6000 other lessons on the street this past week. It was fun to recognize that there is always the possibility to do more!

The church is true. I love you all.
Elder Spencer Harris