Monday, February 22, 2010

Golden Investigators

This week was really cold. The thermals came on, and the rain gear was a must.

We have two baptisms this Saturday!! Guan Hao and Zhen Xing. They are both awesome. I stopped Guan Hao on the street a couple weeks ago! He is SO GOLD! For example, he was already obeying the word of wisdom when we found him. Same with the law of chastity. When we taught him the law of chastity, he showed us a card from his wallet the signified he had already commited to live by the standards of that law!! He has done a good job meeting people in the ward and making friends in the ward all by himself! Zhen Xing is also awesome. We taught him the law of tithing and he LOVED it. He was asking a bunch of questions about how to pay it and how it exactly works. He paid his tithing for the first time this sunday.

We had 4 investigators at church. Really solid investigators, it's exciting to see.

Zone Conference was on Wednesday. It was a full day of spiritual power and training. The theme was our purpose--Chapter one of Preach My Gospel. So good! It was really fun to see my MTC companion and most of the missionaries from the MTC.

The day before the Zone Conference I went on a transfer to Zhanghua so that the zone leader could come out and do the baptismal interviews. He knows why he's on a mission. He has a really good system that works for him.

This week is a Power Week. We leave early and come in late and each day we have a focus. Today's focus is power cleaning. And our appartment needs it. I cleaned the fridge. I'm proud of the way it looks!

Thank each of you for your prayers, they mean a lot to me.

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