Monday, February 1, 2010

Successful Missionaries

I am loving this experience so far. Presiden Hoer says "A successful missionary is Worthy, Obedient, and Diligent." Every missionary I've met so far has been all 3.

The Lord is pouring out His spirit on the people of Taiwan! Twice, actually 3 times, I've seen someone and I have felt a voice tell me "Go talk to them." All three have stopped and talked to me and all three were patient with my Chinese and I was able to set a baptismal date with each of them.

The cool thing about Taiwan is we baptize here. There are so many willing people that we mostly work only with those willing to set a baptismal date on first contact. I have already added 5 investigators with baptismal dates. I have faith that there are prepared people here.

The Taiwan people are so nice.
This is Christ's church on earth.

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