Sunday, April 11, 2010

Conference and Finding Investigators

Dear Family,

I love you all so very much. Conference was great. It is a little different over here. We rest only 1 hour between sessions. I was excited because we had 9 people to church over conference weekend:

Lai __ --He is very golden. He said his mom will not be happy with him if he gets baptized. He's asked us about the opportunity to serve a mission (he is nearly to old to serve though.) He always comes to church! He is so willing to obey God's commandments! Lai __ is preparing to be baptized this Saturday.

Xu family --a golden family that was a member referral (sister-in-law + family) of the stake president of the gaoxiong stake where I lived when I was previously in Taiwan...small world huh? They are working toward baptism. I'm so glad they came to conference this week.

Wu family --a husband and wife who have really connected with the first councilor in the bishopric's family. The husband and wife both have health issues.(The first councilor is a great missionary, he carries around contact cards everywhere he goes.)

Hong __ --he is a long time investigator who seems to have become humble and now is willing to work toward meeting the requirements to enter that small and narrow gate that leads to eternal life--baptism.

The Zhuang family wasn't able to come, but they are still on the path toward baptism. The Mom has cancer and is living in the hospital this week for some treatment.

This past Thursday my companion and I only had a few appointments so we decided we would each try to break our personal records for adding investigators in one day. (That means they give us contact information, set up a date to meet, and set a baptismal goal.) My previous record was 14-- (I don't remember that, but that's what my companion said my record was). My companion's previous record was 17. That morning when we woke up it was raining HARD. We kept to our goal and went forth in faith and were successful. I added 16 and my companion added 27 -- together we added 43 New investigators! The Lord blessed us even in the rain. We also ran into 4-5 investigators and less active members, I know Heavenly Father blessed us to run into these people so that we could follow up with them and boost their testimony and desire. Also, on that day at lunch, we ran into an investigator whose phone had stopped working and he got a new phone and number (he lost our phone number). We were able to get his new number and have a small little lesson over lunch.

I love you all so much.
Elder Spencer Harris
--Posted by his mother

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