Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Missionary Sunday (posted by mom)

The work is great. I'm learning and growing (but not as fast as I'd like). Consistancy is everything and I'm starting to learn that.

We are helping as many people as we can come unto Christ--that is our purpose. We had 12 investigators at church this week! WOW! I was shocked. Sunday is "Game Day" as my companion likes to say. The most stressful part of the week is when sacrament meeting ends. Everyone gets up--and we try to invite them to stay to the rest of the meetings, confirm them for next sunday, set up appointments, and introduce our investigators to people they need to meet. As we sing the closing hymn, I just pray the members will help us take care of all our investigators so we can get to each of them before they leave.

With all my love, Elder Spencer Harris (posted by his mother)

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