Sunday, May 9, 2010

Miscellaneous Topics (posted by his mom)

Thank you all for your prayers. I feel them, I really do. That is my testimony. I often have something happen followed by the feeling, that was in answer to a prayer.

We live in a big sky scraper. One day for exercise we ran to the top of our building, on the way we found a weight room! We made it to the 26 floor and the security guard was there. He let us go out on top to look around. Wow, it was cool, and it was really high.

We had zone conference this week. We always learn specific tools to use in teaching, planning, etc. This time we learned about helping people commit to obey God's commandments. We learned it is important to let investigators know that keeping certian commandments is hard but obedience will bring blessings. It works great; I have never quit smoking, but letting someone know I understand it is hard to quit gives them "face" and gives them a deeper resolve to stay with it.

Lately I have also learned that goal setting and planning are so important. Goal setting is actually an act of faith. It is also an act of repentance. Worthy, righteous goals and plans mixed with prayer allow us to utilize the Atonement and become who we need to be. I wish I had understood the power of goal setting a long time ago.

As far as investigators go right now, Yang will be baptized this Saturday, then the next week we hope to help Xie (a 17 year old), Liang (a man who quit all his word of wisdom habits in one day), and the Xu family. If they all keep progressing as they are now, what a day that will be!

Love you all!!!
Elder Harris

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