Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rain (posted by mom)

I can't even explain the rain. It comes down so hard! Missionaries pray so hard that it won't rain Sunday mornings. On Sunday, I called all our investigators who agreed to come to church each 3 times. 2 made it. I'm really starting to learn the use of testifying and promising blessings, because people really need a reason to change their lives--especially if it means coming to church in a down-pour.

Zhang Jie Xin passed his baptismal interview. He has been brought to church 3 times by a member. He currently has no mode of transportation. We are pretty sure we can get him a bike from a previous missionary. He will be baptized this Saturday or the next.

I have to tell you of a crazy dream that wasn't a dream, but felt like it. We got a referral through our mission referral system, we called it up, and set up an appointment for the evening. This guy is sounding really golden right.

So we go over there in the pouring rain. There is a big fence around the building. A man walks up to the gate, and yells for someone to open the door for him. A lady comes out and opens the door, invites us in, then shuts the door. I look at the gate and there is a lock on the INSIDE!! OH NO WHERE ARE WE?!!!!

We go in, and it ends up being a sanitorium! I can't even describe my feeling. She calls up, and tells us to go to level 5. In my head I'm thinking, "What's level five?!!!" We go to the evevator and press the up button. A resident comes over to the elevator and starts compulsively pressing the up button and looking around like, "It's broken!" Any way, we get in the elevator and the lady keeps pressing level 2 and she still has a confused look like, "It's broken."

We get to level 2, she gets off. On Level two, there are about 3 people standing there with blank looks on their faces. The thought again comes to mind, "What's level 5?!"

We arrive. We are trying to find a Mr. Lin. I start asking around what people's names are. Many of their names are Mr. Lin...

We finally find the right person. He loves to read and his room is full of books. We start teaching, He is very smart. There are about 5 residents in there listening to the lesson... A lady comes in and starts talking really loud. She must be a church member. She is shouting things like, "I'm a mormon." "There was a sister that was so good go me." "I gave so much money to the church to help them build temples and church buildings." "Hosana!" Needless to say it was a very interesting teaching situation.

The work is going good. I love each of you. --Elder Spencer Harris