Monday, June 28, 2010

God Hears and Answers Prayers (posted by mom)

A cool experience happened while I was reading Elder Eyring's talk in the conference ensign. My mind kept returning to someone I had never met. A youth in our ward (the son of President Li of the stake presidency). I really felt for this guy. I had never met him, but another Elder told me about him. I found myself barely able to read the talk though the tears. I felt God's love for this guy and I felt a great need to help him re-discover his testimony. I said a few prayers for him that day.

Sunday came around, and low and behold, he came to church. After 4+ months he came to church! The moment he walked in the door, I knew who he was. (He came in with his mom, so it's not that special, but when I saw him, I felt I knew him.) He had brought with him two friends.

I don't know the end of this story, but I feel as though God hears and answers prayers. I feel as though God truly prompts us. I'm going to do my best to help this guy re-discover his testimony.

Right now our progressing investigators are three families. It's exciting to be working with these three families, but it is a lot more complicated to facilitate a family's spiritual progression.

This is President Hoer's last week. Although our time in Taiwan doesn't overlap very long, I feel, because of his influence, I have set some habits that will last a lifetime. I feel as though a (you ban fa) seed has been planted in my soul--and I will never be the same again. I feel eternity is mine if I will but use the time God has given me. I feel ready for life's challenges, because work, faith, prayer, and a vision will carry me through. I wish him the best and am grateful for the positive influence he has been in my life.

I love you all very much. Elder Spencer Harris