Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Missionaries (posted by mom)

People often tell us, "You're really xinku" (hard-working), and we like to reply, "We are really xingfu" (happy).

We met two neat people the other day. One basically self-contacted me, and the other, his friend, said that he had always wanted to talk with a missionary, but they had never stopped to talk with him. We met with them last night; they both believed that Joseph Smith saw God and Heavenly Father. They really understood what we taught. Most people don't get the point that we have a current prophet on the earth, but in the closing prayer, one of them thanked God that he had again given us a prophet!

Yesterday was combined district training meeting. President Bishop was presiding. The feeling was completely different, but still really good. He will do a great job. He is really humble. He has assumed the mantle. It's visible. (President Bishop was my branch president in the MTC)

President Uchtdorf is coming on Saturday. A group of us get to sing for the mission conference. I'm so glad I get to sing for a prophet.

Another cool thing is we found a less-active member. We were looking for an address, it led us to the middle of nowhere. We were on this little road in the middle of an orchard. We came to a house and come to find out, there was a member living there. His original house was destroyed to make way for a new park. He found this run-down abandoned place and started living there. We've met with him a few times and got him coming to church again. It's good because now the ward now knows his situation and help him out.

Our families are still progressing toward baptism. We are diligently planning, teaching, following-up, and doing every thing we know how to help them make and keep commitments and receive a personal confirmation of the truth. We have faith that they can all make it.

The church is true. It changes lives, brings true happiness, and allows us to obtain eternal life. I love you all. Elder Spencer Harris