Monday, November 14, 2011

Helping the Less Active (posted by mom)

We have had some neat experiences helping less-actives come back. There is a brother Wu that we found on a teaching record. We went and visited him and testified boldly how the gospel can bless his life. We then committed him to be baptized, and he agreed! We brought his name up in Ward Correlation Meeting and the Ward Mission Leader informed us that he was already a member. Haha...But I think something must have sparked a feeling in him when we taught him like an investigator, and committed him to be baptized. He took the initiative to talk to his boss about rearranging his his schedule to get Sundays off so he can keep the sabath day holy. I'm not sure of the detials, but things were worked out so he can attend church most sundays.

We are also working with that Brother Wang, a less-active who has seriously started considering his standing before God. He hasn't missed church one time since we invited him (3 weeks.) The last time we went and visited we prepared a lesson around a question that he asked. (Essentially, what is the purpose of life.) The best part of the lesson was when he said, "My daughter needs to come to church, and here is how you are going to help her...." His daughter is now one of our investigators.

We are still working with Brother Qiu. He told us that he is content to just come to church to meet people. We kindly informed him that God gives us church for another reason--for our immortality and eternal life. We are going to try to help him set a new goal this week. He likes watching DVD's and listening to music. We are going to give him some church music to listen to and some church DVDs to watch. We hope it will fill his home with the spirit, and he will feel a pull in the right direction.

Today, we went to Gangshan to visit some of my recent converts - the liu family. They are still very strong in the faith. In the final years of their lives, Brother and Sister Liu joined the church and have found life in new abundance. Sister Liu was the one that read the book of Mormon, D&C, and the Gospel Principles book in just a few months. They have both gone to the temple and participated in work for the dead. I hope their health holds out so they can make it to the temple. In a little over 3 months they will be able to go to be sealed for time and all eternitiy. Their son and grandson have joined the church, and their daughter is currently investigating. It was a special experience to meet with them again.

Elder Spencer Harris