Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Opening a New Area (posted by mom)

It was a great week, Elder Perkins and I opening an area! There were some long days, but mostly, just a lot of miracles. We contacted a guy the very first day, during our preparation day, and set up an appointment for him that night. He has a daughter and a son who are willing to listen to the message and we hope to see them continue to act on and accept this message of the restoration. I feel a lot of incentive to get out and work. I feel a great weight and desire to talk with everyone.

Right now Brother Qiu is really progressing. He is an older man who lives by himself. His leg has an injury that he has to go regularly to do therapy on it. When we ran into him, he was just willing to listen and we talked for a good 10 or so minutes. I I know the gospel has what he needs. Our first meeting with him was at church which is pretty impressive because, first it is like going to a party where you don't know anyone, and second our chapel is very far away (about 30 or so minute vehicle ride, or 1+ hour subway ride for us).

We have also come across some other investigators with a lot of potential including a less-active Brother Wang who came back to church, and has an unbaptized family. Their family crisis right now is such that I believe that they will readily see their need for the gospel and quickly accept. Another is a Brother Qiu, a husband of a less-active sister in the ward. We went to visit and met him outside his house. He was extremely willing to set up a time and have us over to their house. We will be giving him a special addition Liahona (similar to the Ensign magazine) on Christ and inviting him to learn more about the gospel and start to come to church with his wife.

Yesterday, Elder Gerret Gong came to our mission. It was a very good meeting. I learned many things that had personal meaning to me. At the end, I was invited by him to be a part of the panel for questions and answers.

During this last month, I get to call my former converts. I have just started calling some of them. I was happy to hear that The Yang family from Dakeng is doing great! Sister Wu from Dakeng is still active and serving. Brother Yang unfortunately is smoking and it is keeping he and his wife from the temple. I plan to talk with him about that the next time I have an opportunity to speak to him. Sister Lian, from Douliu, has moved to Taibei and...drum roll please...MARRIED A MEMBER!! She has been a member for over one year so they are currently preparing to go to the temple to be sealed.

Elder Spencer Harris