Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Land of Milk & Honey (posted by mom)

We were blessed with a lot of people at church. Probably the most special part was that our recent convert's family all came to church. This week we found a teaching record that had the name of our recent convert's sister on it. We invited her to church. In the process we started visiting our recent convert more often and met his parents. They are super nice. Our first request for the parents to come to church was denied, but we asked again the second time and they agreed. On Sunday the whole family showed up.

One of this ward's strengths is friendshipping and fellowshipping. If we get the investigators to church, they will do the rest.

Yesterday, we were introduced to a family who's father died a little over a year ago. We had a good opportunity to meet them and share the hope of the gospel.

It's nice, right now we have several willing investigators who are progressing.

Missionary work is amazing. Love, Elder Spencer Harris