Monday, January 24, 2011

A Surprise Visit (posted by mom)

The President YANG FAMILY visited the Gang Shan ward this Sunday!!!! They are just as amazing as I remember them!! It was so good to see them!! They brought me a bunch of food. Enough breakfast for the next 3-4 weeks! I felt their love and they conveyed the love of my family to me. It was a fun experience. Wow! It was really good to see and talk to them! (Spencer stayed with the Yang Family when he was an exchange student in Taiwan a few years ago.)

My companion is great. I learn so much from him. He studies the language really diligently, he adds new investigators like he has been doing it his whole life. He has taught me some important things to win the hearts of people. He is always really good at getting to know investigators. We work hard, and it feels good.

Today we cleaned the apartment of a member in a neighboring ward. He is crippled and has a hard time cleaning. In two hours we still got a lot done. I love that kind of service project. I learned a lot from him. This man has years of church material and a stack of scriptures that were marked up like crazy. It was inspiring.

Love, Elder Spencer Harris