Monday, January 31, 2011

A Baptism and Seeing an Old Friend (posted by mom)

I feel more blessed with investigators and opportunities than I have at any other time on my mission. I find myself having to decide between two opportunities to share the gospel rather than working all day for just a few chances to sit down to teach someone.

This week we had a baptism. He is so good. He is into science (a chemist) and it was difficult for him to believe in God and the restored gospel: but now he believes! He didn't see any miracles, but his change of heart has truly been a miracle. It was wonderful to see him humbly and diligently feast on the word of God. He told me, "Elder Huang, recently I've been taking a lot more time to study. In the scriptures it says that we need to believe first then only can God confirm our faith (Ether 12:6). So I've decided to believe." Because of this his testimony did come. I am so excited for him.

Another special event was a girl I knew when I was an exchange student in Taiwan came to visit me this past sunday with her fiance. They are planning to get married in the temple. It was fun to see them again and hear about their exciting plans for the future.

Thank you for all your prayers. The church is true.
Missionary work is great!

Love, Elder Spencer Harris