Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fifth Week: MTC Mission Conference

The MTC is awesome. For our Sunday devotional we watched the 1st Presidency's Christmas Message. I really liked when President Monson said that the Spirit we feel during Christmas is the Spirit of Christ. I want that feeling all the time.

I guess each Fast Sunday the MTC has a Mission Conference. Wow! Powerful Stuff. Sister Clegg gave a talk about Mary (mother of Jesus) and it was awesome! The BYU Men's Chorus gave us a Christmas performance and it was great! Sunday's are amazing here!

Thank you so much for making me work the past few summers - and throughout my life. I know that the time I've spent working has blessed me in so many ways in addition to earning money.

Elder Costa of the 70s talked to us last Tuesday. He has a fire of a testimony! I learned that people who I come in contact with in Taiwan may not accept what I have to say and may not understand what I have to say because they are not ready. But everyone I talk to can know for certain that I know the Church is True! Like Elder Holland said (quoting someone else) "We could warm our hand by the fire of his faith." said by a boy in a rowdy Sunday School class talking about his teacher.

One of the cool things about the gospel is we don't have to be apologetic. We can invite, or even tell someone to repent and be on the Lord's errand - if His Spirit so directs. We can ask people to do hard things - like overcome addiction - and promise them bold blessings. We can put faith in gospel principles and know the end result.

Thank you for your prayers. Love you lots.

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