Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sixth Week: Sharing the Gospel

Once a week missionaries call on referrals. We chat with people online about the church. We also call to confirm people's orders for a Bible or Book of Mormon, etc. On my second call the lady who answered was so nice! She was actually the daughter of the person I was calling, but she was willing to talk to me so I took the change. I didn't know how to create a gospel discussion out of this, so I just asked her if she knew much about our church and if I could tell her more. I told her about Joseph Smith and the first vision. I asked her if she thought an instance like the first vision was possible, and she said yes. I told her how I had come to know that the church was ture. I told her about my mission call and she was excited to talk to me about that. I offered to send the missionaries to her house and she said that it would be fine. Her mother had just had a heart attack, and I told her that I would pray for her mom. I know that God led me to her at a time when she was ready to hear the gospel. I'm going to try and find the bishop of her ward, call him, and let him know about her just incase the missionaries can't find her.

I feel healthy. I feel more like me than I've ever felt like me in my whole life. Even though my day is planned for me, I've never felt more like an agent unto myself. I feel like I don't have to pretent to be anyone. I'm loving the mission!

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