Sunday, December 6, 2009

Third Week: Gratitude

Ni Hao, (Hello)

The Lord is merciful (Ci Bei de). I'm glad that I can be here at the MTC doing what I'm supposed to be doing. My reason for being here keeps growing and expanding! Right now, I yearn to let people know that Christ's Atonement can heal them. This past week I've seen missionaries (including myself) change their minds and their hearts. I've seen and took part in giving a blessing to a sick Elder who was blessed to have his illness quickly pass and that he would endure cheerfully - both of which he did. Each day the Lord molds me a little bit closer to the missionary he wants me to be. The Atonement can heal us! The Lord's tender mercies are around me every day! I have a great companion! We have been able to teach with the spirit! I get to listen to two General Authorities this week (Tuesday's Devotional and a special Thanksgiving Fireside). I feel the spirit each day! I get to wear Jesus Christ's name (in a language that will allow me to share the restored gospel with 1/4th of this world) right next to my name! I have a family who loves and writes me. Oh how much this church is true. Wo ai Ye Su Ji Du fu xing de fu yin. (I love the gospel of Jesus Christ)

Elder Spencer Harris

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